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Breakdown maintenance
Mar 14, 2017

Corrosion of carburetor

Due to tube Board tube mouth most used welding or expansion received process, so process defects and complex of had flow media often will caused tube mouth corrosion and stress crack, caused tube mouth at leak; traditional solution method most is used demolition welding fill or jam pipeline of method, such not only cannot solution fundamental problem, and will caused carburetor of efficiency reduced, last only input huge funds to scrap replaced new parts.

Heat exchange media

(1) water-bath type vaporizer: see the above introduction, electric vaporizer, steam vaporizer can be called water-bath type vaporizer.

(2) air-bath type vaporizer: medium is air, the complete call is natural ventilation air-bath type vaporizer.

(3) open-sea water vaporizer: Open rack vaporizer (referred to as ORV) medium can be water, generally used for LNG project on the vaporization of liquefied natural gas.