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Spray glass application
Mar 14, 2017

1, doors and Windows can be controlled by controlling the current and voltage changes when the glass shade and strength within the regulation Sun room, indoor light, soft, comfortable and pleasant, without losing the transparency effect.

2, variable optical glass projection screens when used, can display a background decorative picture transparent State, or as a room's glass walls. Alternative Imaging under opaque curtains, and more clear picture quality, high brightness gain characteristics. Can be used for projectors, player, laser imaging system.

3, jewellery and exhibition industry at the bank counter of bullet-proof glass and use ordinary clear showcase glass under normal working status, in the face of looting or stop working when the fuzzy State to go remote, target criminals while losing stress, can best ensure the personal and property safety.

4, when used in a shower room can be customized according to user needs, and change its transparency can not only ensure personal privacy, and add more spice of life.