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The recent popularity of electronic atomizing cigarettes do you choose?
Mar 14, 2017

Electronic aerosol smoke (Vapor) different models of different brands of electronic cigarettes will have a number of different design and structure, but the basic functionality is the same, including atomizers, surge boxes, most of the battery. Nebulizer as the name suggests is responsible for loading the voltage excitation smoke oil atomization for liquid smoke oil mist form. Generally divided into oil and a drop of oil, oil-can carry smoke oil storage, the drops of oil for open design like the old pipe, need to smoke once several drops of oil, usually playing big smoke's players will be selected, and quit smoking to continue using oil more suitable.

Another key element is the surge box, which looks like a small charge of treasure, and built into the battery, through the charge and switch power the atomizer. In general high-end electronic cigarette is equipped with an adjustable voltage regulator box, give the user a voltage adjustable range so that we can tie your own DIY spray of different power cores changed inhaling.

Smoke oil, an important guarantee for electronic cigarette is harmless, regular electronic cigarette oil by water, propylene glycol, flavor, glycerin, nicotine, food composition, because in addition to nicotine (smoking causes, trace amounts of toxic), completely nontoxic, so electronic cigarettes as a safe alternative to health effects of tobacco smoke. You need according to your taste, the degree of smoking (nicotine 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, etc) to the selection.