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Cartridge Cleaning Tips
Jul 04, 2017

How do I clean my own cartridges?

1, carefully remove the ink cartridge from the printer.

2, remove the cartridge, G2 Cartridge find the cartridge of the nozzle (the bottom of the cartridge similar to the part of the integrated circuit).

3, prepare a pot of warm water (50 ~ 60 degrees Celsius), the bottom of the cartridge nozzle into the water soak for 5 minutes, G2 Cartridge be careful not to put the entire cartridge into the water.

4, the cartridge removed from the water, the appropriate forced rejection rejection, until the nozzle part of the ink flow out, with a thin cotton or napkin gently wipe clean. G2 Cartridge Be careful not to wipe the nozzle directly, otherwise it will easily cause the nozzle to block, resulting in poor print text.

5, the toilet after the appropriate ventilation to dry, and then re-installed into the printer.

At this point if the print effect is still bad, G2 Cartridge we must consider replacing the cartridge.

If the ink cartridge with nozzle:

(90% or more), put the cartridge head down into the box, pour the alcohol until you can not find it. Sprinkler, cover the lid, tighten.

Soak 1 to 2 days, and then find the water can not afford to drop the paper or cloth or absorbent cotton wipe the nozzle position, the ink can suck a small part of it. G2 Cartridge And then put on the test. If there is no sealed box or bottle, you can consider sealing with a plastic wrap (mainly to prevent the evaporation of alcohol), so the bubble about the general can.

Also recommended the use of original ink cartridges, ink, then use good quality ink to avoid plug the nozzle.

There is a long time when the cartridge can not be removed, G2 Cartridge with a box or plastic wrap sealed into the refrigerator freezer (can not be frozen), to prevent the cartridge dry.

If the cartridge does not have a nozzle

Had to find a way to remove the nozzle on the printer with alcohol bubble, the same method.