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Electronic Cigarette
Mar 14, 2017

Electronic cigarette is a parody of cigarette products, has the same appearance, and cigarette smoke, smell and feel. It is by means of spray, nicotine, into steam, allowing users to use a product. Study World Health Organization devoted exclusively to electronic cigarettes, and come to a clear conclusion: the electronic cigarette is harmful to public health, it means not smoking, must be strengthened to control, to prevent harm to adolescents and non-smokers.

Structure and composition

Although e-cigarette models or brands, mainly by electronic cigarette smoke containing nicotine solution tube, evaporation and battery consists of 3 parts. Atomizer battery-powered, liquid nicotine in the cartridges into the mist, so that users have a similar feeling of smoking and "puffing". It can even be based on personal preference, flavor added to the smoke pipe chocolate, mint and other spices.

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