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How To Use Your Vape Pen
Jul 18, 2017
  1. Choose your vaporizer: In order to have the best possible experience during vaping, you'll need to find the perfect vaporizer! From portable vapes to larger tabletop designs. There are countless types of vaporizers that can be found in smoke shops around the world. We put together this 2 simple step buying guide page, so that you are better able to determine which specific model is right for you.

  2. Select your material:Choosing the particular heating material you will use to produce vapor doesn't have to be confusing. In fact, the first step is deciding what substance you would like to vape with, whether it's dry herbs, tobacco, aromatherapy or an e-juice concentrate. That being said, it's absolutely essential that you confirm the material you are using is compatible with your personal portable vaporizers, as each model is often designed for very specific materials.

  3. Select Your Accessories:Some vaporizers can be enhanced with a variety of unique vaping accessories, such as glass water creations or various power charging tools. During your first experiences with a portable or desktop vape, you really won't need these accessories immediately. However, if you are interested in purchasing a portable, battery-operated device, you may want to invest in two specific accessories right away: a lithium-ion battery charger and a car charger. Such accessories will help to ensure that your vaporizer is always ready when you are.

  4. Prepare Your Vaporizer:Whether you decide to buy a personal vaporizer or a large tabletop unit, you'll need time to familiarize yourself with it before you begin. Several models need to be prepped before they are ready for first use. This could involve heating them to maximum possible temperature levels and letting them run continuously for a few minutes, or something as simple as draining the on-board battery prior to first use. The owner's manual will explain exactly how to prep your vaporizer. Make sure that you follow the instructions carefully.

  5. Enjoy your first vape:Using the owner's manual as your guide, you can prepare your vaporizer and enjoy your first vape. Some models, particularly direct draw whip style, may require some initial practice before you're able to consistently produce thick, high-quality vapor. Don't get discouraged, however! After a few experiences, you'll be vaping like a pro. Furthermore, reading our many vaporizer reviews can help you discover an array of powerful tips that you can use to maximize the performance of many vaporizers for sale listed on our website.