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ICP Atomizer
Mar 14, 2017

ICP atomizer for the two-tier structure, outer tube as carrier gas path, inner tubes for sample tubes, mainly to be a device for liquid samples analysis of spray, mist and main room use.

Coaxial SeaSpray resistant to high salt content of the glass atomizer:

"SeaSpray" coaxial micro nebulizer concentration analysis, showing excellent atomizing effect. Sensitivity is improved at the same time, allows mineral salts concentration of up to 20%, the maximum allowable size 75um and not blocked.

MicroMist coaxial trace draw glass atomizer:

"MicroMist" miniature co-axial atomizer for the limited sample analysis can play a very significant results. If equipped with the company's "Cinnabar" spray Chamber, makes it possible to ICP-MS analysis of Hg's daily, and can effectively inhibit matrix (Matrix) effects.