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Installation And Maintenance Of Ink Cartridges
Jul 27, 2017

Ink cartridges in the invalid print head can continue to use, but also simplifies the user's cartridge assembly process, reducing the chance of damage to the printer; but this cartridge structure has obvious shortcomings, that is, the nozzle will not be updated , The printer with the working hours of growth, the quality of the printer naturally dropped, until the nozzle so far. Epson's products are mostly split-type ink cartridges. G2 Cartridge This kind of cartridge from the cost point of view, lower than the integrated ink cartridges, but this type of ink cartridges do not allow users to fill the ink casually.

The ink cartridges are used by inkjet printers, using ink, G2 Cartridge and the range of products to be adapted is different.

Basic knowledge of ink cartridges

Inkjet printer as the most widely used a peripheral output device, its popularity has been quite high, has become a large number of SOHO users and ordinary home users of the necessary equipment. However, compared with other peripherals, the printer's failure rate is still relatively high, many users in the use of the process will encounter a variety of problems. Among them, the cartridge is the highest incidence of failure components, therefore, G2 Cartridge today I focus on the ink cartridges for the maintenance and save money.

Classic applications: the installation and maintenance of ink cartridges, the use of filling ink, the installation of continuous ink system

Cartridges can be classified according to color or structure: according to the color can be divided into monochrome, three-color, colored, etc .; according to the structure can be divided into one and split. In order to achieve better printing results while simplifying the maintenance process, G2 Cartridge one cartridge will be integrated in the ink cartridge, ink cartridges and nozzles at the same time installed on the trailer, the printer becomes the most critical components. This one-piece cartridge structure is simple, the volume can be done very small, and the cost is low, to change ink for the nozzle, the higher cost of supplies. The other is split, G2 Cartridge the cartridge and the nozzle separately, ink only after the use of ink cartridges, so the cost of supplies is low. However, since the ink cartridge and the ink jet head are separated from each other and can not be sealed after installation, the ink jet may be caused by dust and installation contact

The internal structure of the ink cartridges is not complicated, mainly by the ink sponge and pressure jet auxiliary device. Whether it is a one-piece cartridge or a split cartridge, G2 Cartridge the jetting aid requires a filter, a sealing film and a sealing ring, which helps the ink to reduce the particle size during splashing while ensuring accurate pressure balance.

The choice of the jetting aid is also related to the working mode of the ink cartridge. At present, it is mainly divided into bubble type and microneedle type piezoelectric type. From the printing effect point of view, the bubble technology has been improved to achieve a very good effect, G2 Cartridge not lost in the micro-needle point piezoelectric inkjet technology.

In addition to inkjet inkjet technology, the type of ink will also have no small impact on the print quality. If the color classification, ink can be divided into dye-based ink and pigment type ink. Dye-based inks are dyes-based inks and are currently used in most inkjet printers. Pigment-based ink is a pigment-based ink, a better color fullness, more suitable for photo printing. If the difference between the ink solvent can be divided into water-based ink and oil-based ink. The water-based ink is mainly composed of water and a water-soluble solvent as a dissolving color base, G2 Cartridge and the oil-based ink is a non-water-soluble solvent as a main component of the dissolved color base.

Save money: use filled with ink

Compatible supplies in the original supplies and counterfeit supplies under the double squeeze, can stubborn survival and development so far, itself proved the value of their own existence. It has promoted the development of inkjet printer market, restricting the original ink cartridges profits, and even improve the user's environmental awareness and other aspects have played a positive role, has become a market power can not be ignored. In general, the original ink cartridges in the ink exhausted, the user does not have to immediately buy a new cartridge, you can fill the ink by filling to continue to use.

Proper use of ink cartridges

(1) Install the ink cartridge

Cartridge installation process is not complicated, we can follow the steps on the instructions. The only thing to remind you is that the cartridge must be inserted into the cart before the cartridges must be the first hole on the hole to tear off, otherwise the printer can not complete the filling action, G2 Cartridge although the print action, but the print out are white paper.

After the cartridge is installed, it needs to be calibrated because the physical location of the cartridge must be sufficiently accurate, otherwise it will reduce the print. For ordinary home users, the printer in the normal use of six months after the need to correct the cartridge in time to ensure the normal print quality of the printer. Cartridge correction operations generally need to pass the printer with the program, print the test page, and then adjust the output according to the situation.

(2) Can not be used after replacing a new cartridge

Under normal circumstances, when the ink has run out, the printer will prompt "ink exhausted." If you replace the new cartridge, the printer prompts "ink exhausted", one may not be installed ink cartridges, the other may be in the off state to take their own old ink cartridges, replace the new cartridge. Because the ink cartridge is reused after the cartridge is replaced again, the printer will not be able to detect the ink cartridge in the shutdown state, so that the printer can not detect the ink cartridge on the reinstallation. In addition, G2 Cartridge some printers measure the ink capacity is to use the internal electronic counter to carry out the printer, when the counter reaches a certain value, the printer to determine the ink exhausted. In the ink cartridge replacement process, the printer will reset the internal electronic counter to confirm the installation of a new cartridge. The solution is very simple, just turn on the power, move the trailer to the cartridge replacement position, and then install the cartridge and then let the printer charge, filling the end of the process can be troubleshooting.