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Internal Structure Of The Cartridge
Aug 18, 2017

The ink cartridge mainly refers to the ink-jet printer (including inkjet All-in-one) used to store printing ink, and eventually finished printing parts.


Ink cartridges for the entire inkjet printer has a very important position, especially some low-end printers, has reached 2 boxes of ink = 1 printer price. Therefore, when purchasing a printer, you must consider the case of the cartridge.

The internal structure of the cartridge is not complex, G2 Cartridge mainly composed of the ink storage sponge and pressure injection auxiliary device. Whether it is an all-in-one cartridge or a split-type cartridge, the ejector device requires a strainer, sealing film, and sealing ring, which help the ink reduce particle size during the splash process while ensuring accurate pressure balancing.

The selection of the Jet auxiliary device is also related to the working mode of the ink cartridge, which is mainly divided into the bubble type and the micro-needle point piezoelectric type. G2 Cartridge From the printing effect, bubble technology can also achieve a very good effect, completely not lost in micro-needle point piezoelectric inkjet technology.

In addition to ink cartridge inkjet technology, G2 Cartridge the type of ink will also have a small impact on the quality of printing. If according to chromophores classification, ink can be divided into dye-type inks and pigment inks. Dye-type ink is a dye-chromophores ink, and is currently used by most inkjet printers ink. Pigment ink is a pigment for chromophores ink, there is a better color full degree, more suitable for photo printing. G2 Cartridge If according to the ink solvent to differentiate can be divided into water-based ink and oily ink. Water-based ink with water and water-soluble solvents as the main components of dissolved chromophores, and oily ink as a water-soluble solvent as the main component of dissolved chromophores.

Cartridge category

From the current market on the composition of the ink cartridges, in general, can be divided into: Split cartridge and All-in-one cartridge.

All-in-one Cartridge

All-in-one cartridge is to integrate the nozzle on the ink cartridge, when the ink after the replacement of a new cartridge, also means that the replacement of a new print head. The use of this ink cartridge can achieve higher printing accuracy, but also to ensure the quality of printing, G2 Cartridge because the nozzle with the ink cartridge replacement, so not because of the ink-jet head wear to reduce the quality of the print. G2 Cartridge But the ink-cartridge design adds cost, and the price of such cartridges is higher. HP, Lexmark products use such cartridges. But at present in order to save printing costs, for this type of ink cartridges, users in the ink cartridges after the use, often to the empty ink cartridges to refill the ink, generally as long as the correct operation, G2 Cartridge filling after the ink will not cause much damage to the nozzle. Even if not successful, scrap is only a original should be scrapped the ink cartridges, generally will not cause damage to the printer. Of course, this type of ink cartridges can not limit the number of users to fill the ink, in general, after the use of the original ink, but also fill $number times. If you find a noticeable drop in print quality, you need to replace a new cartridge.

Split cartridge

Split cartridge is the product that separates the nozzle from the cartridge design. The starting point of this structural design is to reduce the cost of printing, because this ink cartridge is not integrated on the print nozzle, the ink cartridge is not valid when the print nozzle can continue to use, G2 Cartridge but also simplifies the user to the cartridge disassembly process, reduce the chance of man-made damage to the printer, but the ink cartridge structure also has a clear flaw, that is, the nozzle will not be updated in a timely manner, G2 Cartridge the printer with the increase in working time, the quality of the printer will naturally decline until the nozzle becomes bad. This cartridge is cheaper than the all-in-one cartridge, but this type of cartridge is not allowed to be filled with ink by users. In the split cartridge, depending on the color of the case can be divided into monochrome ink cartridges and multi-color cartridges. Monochrome cartridge is a separate package for each color, which type of color can be used, which will not cause waste. and Multi-Color ink cartridges are the packaging of a variety of colors in one cartridge, if one color is used up, G2 Cartridge even if the other several colors have, you must replace the entire cartridge. Clearly, monochrome cartridges are more economical.