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The Composition Of The Cartridge
Jun 06, 2017

The ink cartridge mainly refers to the parts used in the inkjet printer (including the inkjet all-in-one) to store the printing ink and finally finish printing.

Cartridge from the current composition of the composition of the point of view, in general, G2 Cartridge can be divided into: split cartridges and one-piece ink cartridges.

Printer technology is improving, but consumer complaints about ink costs are as ever. A survey of US consumers reported in 2015 showed that almost half of the printer users thought the cartridges were too expensive. More than a quarter of subscribers believe that cartridges need to be replaced too quickly. However, G2 Cartridge you can try different ways to save ink: from draft mode to choose different fonts. In addition, in recent years there are more products to help users save money on the market.

Compatible ink cartridges

Compatible ink cartridges are those that are not produced by the printer manufacturer, G2 Cartridge and their price is much cheaper than the original ink.

But not all people are recognized compatible with ink. A survey conducted by US consumers in 2016 shows that slightly more than one-third of users who use compatible ink think the quality of the ink is not as good as that of the original. (Optimistic, that is, G2 Cartridge nearly two-thirds of the users that the quality is not bad)

A manager who is compatible with the cartridge brand admits that the quality of the different brands of compatible ink is different, but he also defends the compatible ink: it does not have to raise the price of the ink because there is no need to pay for R & D costs like a printer manufacturer.

If you want to buy compatible cartridges, please confirm that you are not satisfied with the return. Please pay attention to the validity of the purchase and try to print a few, G2 Cartridge if there is a problem can be timely return.

At the time of the test, we found that some compatible cartridges were easy to block the nozzles, but that did not happen immediately. When the nozzle is blocked, the print will appear stripes, this is because the blocked part of the ink caused by the lack of.

If the nozzle is blocked, you can let the printer "clean", or continue to print, I hope for some time the stripes will disappear.