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The Use Of Ink Cartridges
Oct 26, 2017

Ink cartridges for the entire inkjet printer has a very important position, especially some low-end printers, has reached 2 boxes = 1 printer price. Therefore, in the purchase of the printer, you must consider the situation of the cartridge. Cleaning ink cartridges is an important part of the inkjet printer, G2 Cartridge it will directly affect the printing inkjet printer, while the cartridge is also more prone to failure of the components. Print head cleaning method Inkjet printer in a long time without or after a period of time, there will be printed is not clear, breakpoints, broken lines and other failures, then you need to use the print head cleaning method to solve. Most inkjet printers turn on the printhead automatically and have a button to clean the printhead. Such as Canon, G2 Cartridge most of the inkjet printer is equipped with quick cleaning, routine cleaning and thorough cleaning third gear cleaning function, the specific cleaning operation, please refer to the inkjet printer operating manual steps on it. However, if the continuous cleaning after a few times is still not satisfied with the print, it should be ink has been used up, need to replace the cartridge. When the ink cartridge is not used up, it is best not to remove it, G2 Cartridge otherwise it will cause the ink to waste or the printer to measure the ink. In general, the printer's ink on the printer within a short time will not happen hardening like deterioration, so we do not need to take out the cartridge. However, if your printer really do not have long-term, then it needs to take out the cartridge, so you can prevent ink deterioration, but also to ensure the life of the nozzle.

First, the use of ink cartridges: the installation and replacement of ink cartridges

1. The use of ink cartridges and replacement methods, G2 Cartridge according to the printer manual tips can be installed.

2. When installing the ink cartridges in the direction shown in the direction of tearing out the ink cartridge hole, but do not arbitrarily remove the other seals, otherwise the ink will leak.

3. Never shake and remove the cartridge yourself.

4. After using the ink cartridge, do not remove the cartridge from the printer before replacing the new cartridge.

5. When any ink cartridge is free of ink or is not installed, G2 Cartridge the printer does not work even if there is ink in the other cartridge.

6. Do not touch the ink cartridges by hand.

7. Do not use ink cartridges that exceed the expiry date.

After each replacement of new ink cartridges, be sure to first clean the nozzle to start printing Oh! Sometimes you may need to wash once or twice

Storage of ink cartridges

1. Do not tear the vacuum pack and air seal until you replace the cartridge to ensure the best print quality and performance.

2. Store the ink cartridges at room temperature, avoid sunlight, light and heat;

3. If the ink cartridge to be stored for a long time, G2 Cartridge please keep the ink out of the direction of placement;

4. Do not place your child at your fingertips;

5. To ensure the best print results, it is recommended that you use it within six months of installing the cartridge.