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Tips For Using Ink Cartridges
Aug 30, 2017

Cartridge Basics

As one of the most widely used peripheral output devices, inkjet printers have become very popular, and have been the necessary equipment for many Soho users as well as ordinary home users. However, compared with other peripherals, the failure rate of printers is relatively high, G2 Cartridge many users in the process will encounter a variety of problems. Among them, the cartridge is the highest failure rate of the components, so today the author focuses on the maintenance of ink cartridges and save money method.

Classic application: Installation and maintenance of ink cartridges, use of filling inks, G2 Cartridge installation of continuous ink system

Ink cartridges can be categorized according to color or structure: according to color can be divided into monochrome, three-color, colorful, etc., according to the structure can be divided into one-style and split-style. In order to achieve better printing and simplify the maintenance process, All-in-one cartridge will be integrated into the ink cartridge, at this time the ink cartridge and nozzle installed in the trailer, G2 Cartridge become the most critical parts of the printer. This kind of all-in-one cartridge structure is simple, the volume can do very small, and the cost is lower, must change the ink nozzle, the consumable cost is higher. The other is split, cartridge and nozzle separate, G2 Cartridge ink after use only to change the cartridge, so the cost of supplies lower. However, because the ink cartridge and inkjet head separation between the installation can not be sealed, it may be due to dust and improper installation contact, G2 Cartridge such as the cause of ink-jet failure

The internal structure of the cartridge is not complex, mainly composed of the ink storage sponge and pressure injection auxiliary device. Whether it is an all-in-one cartridge or a split-type cartridge, G2 Cartridge the ejector device requires a strainer, sealing film, and sealing ring, which help the ink reduce particle size during the splash process while ensuring accurate pressure balancing.

The selection of the Jet auxiliary device is also related to the working mode of the ink cartridge, which is mainly divided into the bubble type and the micro-needle point piezoelectric type. G2 Cartridge From the printing effect, bubble technology can also achieve a very good effect, completely not lost in micro-needle point piezoelectric inkjet technology.

In addition to ink cartridge inkjet technology, G2 Cartridge the type of ink will also have a small impact on the quality of printing. If according to chromophores classification, ink can be divided into dye-type inks and pigment inks. Dye-type ink is a dye-chromophores ink, and is currently used by most inkjet printers ink. Pigment ink is a pigment for chromophores ink, there is a better color full degree, more suitable for photo printing. G2 Cartridge If according to the ink solvent to differentiate can be divided into water-based ink and oily ink. Water-based ink with water and water-soluble solvents as the main components of dissolved chromophores, G2 Cartridge and oily ink as a water-soluble solvent as the main component of dissolved chromophores.

Use ink cartridges correctly

(1) Install cartridge

The cartridge installation process is not complicated, you can follow the instructions on the steps. The only thing to remind you is, in the cartridge into the car before the cartridge rack must first be torn off the seal, or the printer can not complete the ink-filled action, although there is a print action, but the print out is white.

After you complete the cartridge installation, G2 Cartridge you also need to make corrections because the physical location of the ink cartridges must be accurate enough to reduce the printing effect. For ordinary home users, the printer in the normal use of six months after the timely correction of ink cartridges to ensure that the printer's normal print quality. The cartridge correction operation typically requires a program that comes with the printer, G2 Cartridge prints the test page, and adjusts it according to the output.

(2) The processing that cannot be used after replacing the new cartridge

Under normal circumstances, when the ink has been exhausted, the printer will be prompted "ink exhaustion." And if you replace the new cartridge, the printer prompts for "ink exhaustion", G2 Cartridge one is that the cartridge is not installed, the other may be in the shutdown state of the old cartridge, replace the new cartridge. Because the printer will refill the ink conveyor system after the ink cartridge has been replaced, this process will not be possible in the shutdown state, making the printer unable to detect the cartridges on the reinstall. In addition, some printers to the ink capacity measurement is using the printer's internal electronic counter to carry out, when the counter reached a certain value, the printer judged the ink exhausted. In the cartridge replacement process, the printer resets the internal electronic counter to confirm that a new cartridge is installed. The solution is very simple, as long as the power is turned on, the trailer will be moved to the cartridge replacement position, and then the ink cartridge installed and then let the printer to fill ink, the ink process can be eliminated after the end of the failure.

Small tip: ink cartridges casually put

The working characteristics of a home printer can be summed up in discontinuities, because the home and SOHO user printers are used for a while and idle for a while for commercial or office printers, which concerns how the unopened cartridge is stored. When unpacking the new cartridge, carefully lift the plastic cover and keep the cartridge intact. Wait until the cartridge is temporarily unused, put it back in the plastic box, G2 Cartridge the plastic pipe has been opened to cover with double-sided tape and the box tightly bonded to ensure that the ink and the outside world. Of course, you can also use a variety of other suitable containers for the storage of ink cartridges, as long as the container lid joints are sealed with plastic strips.