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WHL-TECH Launched A New IPS Battery On 15th June 2017
Jun 15, 2017

IPS battery ----Intelligent Priming System preheating battery designed for all ceramic heating coil  

            ----The best option for cbd cartridges with ceramic heating coil ! 



1. First and Unique battery Intelligent Priming System design with Toggle switch  

2. The latest technology – After pushing the button up, HS battery will fully heat up the ceramic rod in three seconds, enable the consumers to get best vapor experience from the first puff !!

3. Sustainable and stable output voltage 3.7V is able to maintain the same vaporization volume for every puff !!  (avoid any clog due to the oil is not fully vaporized by low voltage )

4.First IPS preheating battery specially designed for ceramic coil atomizer ( Best partner )

5. Convenient to use . push the switch downward to start 3S preheat , Then switch to automatic battery with stable output . No need press the button while smoking .